About Us

By the year 2010 Chinese tea processing technology was introduced for the first time in Nepal which got popular right away. Having some features like economic, portable, efficient, needy small tea farmers of Nepal immediately adopted and by the year 2012 number of Small Farmers Tea Industries (SFTI) reached twenty five. Transformation of small tea farmers into entrepreneur with ratio of ten units annually soared up the green leaf price enhancing production quality as well, but at the same time existing large scale Bought Leaf Factories (BLF) considered it as threat since their monopoly was challenged. To stand solid against possible conspiracy from BLF, these SFTI conceptualized to unite under one organization hence Specialty Tea Association of Nepal (STAN) was formed by support of USAID-Neat project in 2012. Ever since till 2019 more than 120 such SFTI have been established throughout country and STAN has enrolled 46 of them as members although large numbers of interested are in waiting list.

Nepal, itself rich in biodiversity, blessed naturally by amazing climate, tea is grown in foothills of snowcapped Himalayas which is a great advantage. Our vision is to transform those small tea farmers into entrepreneur and enhance production quality to establish exclusive market of “Nepal Tea, Quality from the Himalayas” both in domestic and global market.

Our mission is to establish strong market linkage of member producers with global market ensuring their sustainability. In this mission STAN has established parent company STAN Tea Hub in touristic hub Thamel, Kathmandu and promoting teas in USA through STAN USA LLC, in Australia through STAN Australia Pty. Ltd. and in China through STAN SengMing Tea Ltd. For the expension in other countries is kept open always.

We believe in value addition in TEA therefore; we have established own blending unit installing highly advanced machineries including Color Sorter, De-Humidifier and relevent packaging machinery. We have planned to comeup with own brand in both domestic and global market soon.