Formation of STAN TEA HUB

This is the bitter fact that with limited resources, infrastructure and technical knowledge SFTI are producing admirable Green and Specialty teas. The total annual production of entire units has crossed 1,500 MT in 2019 and mostly sold out in local and Indian market in nominal price.  To overcome from marketing problem members of STAN conceptualized of collective marketing platform so STAN being itself none profit organization, STAN TEA HUB was established in 2015 at Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu, as common showroom for the STAN members and it has been successfully operating to create national and international market. Till then company has been exporting small quantity of members’ product to Europe, America, Japan, Australia and China in a lucrative price but at the same time some major constraints in product like quality consistency, storage, cleaning, packaging, shipment of economically sizable quantity was identified and such challenges have forced to sell to Indian small traders who appeared in the factories and carry the product at a nominal price. Unless these problems are not timely addressed crawling small tea farmers' industries could have crash anytime so secondary processing unit as blending house was conceptualized again.