Message from Chairperson


As a producer, I have seen lots of Ups and down in the tea industry. Tea is major product of Nepal which have surplus production and exportable commodity but.......... only the product whose export value is higher than import yet we feel the industry is been neg-elated by the government that is why we private organization like STAN is born.
If we see the facilities and the subsidy tea industry is getting in other country if could get 5% of that I think the industry will bloom with in its own capacity however that is not the case here is Nepal . That is why focusing on marketing and branding is Becomes crucial for small producers like us. Our loss is ours only as we have to look after farmers also.
Through STAN we are trying to connect the direct market to international buyers. Our tea are often compared to Darjelling tea, but interns of market and value we are way behind the Darjelling tea and rest Tea producing countries. Our motive will always be promote our producers and their handwork .