Tea Type

You will find different types of tea along with traditional method like hand plucking teas, hand sorting and sun dried which is rare as the tea is made with passion by small producers.

 Product  Details
1. OOLONG : The liquor of oolong is golden brown with Darjeeling style rolling. Its flavors can be identifiedas floral, sweet to toasty and light to full bodies, Because the tea is oxidized at different levels depending on the processing techniques and method of the tea makers.
2. White tea : The floral and fruity taste with Suttle sweetness made in autumn gives the perfect white tea. They are high on antioxidants which makes it incredibly healthy tea
3. Golden Tips : This tea is known as a golden hour in the cup. It has sunset golden hue that floats in the cup with remarkable sweet honey woody  notes with more pronounced nutty dry feel finish. It has more body with fruiter notes varies with the seasons.
4. Green Tea : This tea is typically green in color, the flavors are more grassy and toasted like pan fried with mild astringent.
5. Black Tea : This range of tea are fully oxidize has strongest and boldest flavors.